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Supporting the Idlewild Animal SanctuarySupporting the Idlewild Animal Sanctuary
A safe haven for unwanted and abandoned animals

Supporting the Idlewild Animal Sanctuary

Idlewild Animal Sanctuary

100% of all our sales are donated directly to the care of our rescue animals and to facilitate future rescues.
Long life care
We have over 140 long term residents here at Idlewild Animal Sanctuary, many are disabled and require long life care and medication.
Cat rescue
We rescue several cats and kittens and have a special cat room, we also have several IVF Cats. We have several cats for adoption.
Sanctuary Coffee

Sanctuary Coffee

The UK's first rescue-funding speciality coffee roasters! Sanctuary Coffee is the UK's first and only coffee roaster to share their profits with animal rescues and sanctuaries in the UK. Idlewild Animal Sanctuary is grateful to be one of the sanctuaries that benefit from regular donations from the lovely founders, Marcus and Rhian.
Idlewild Sponsorship Packs

Idlewild Sponsorship Packs

We have several long term residents looking for a sponsorship, an adoption pack is the perfect gift for any animal lover.
Why to choose our products

Why to choose our products

Our products are reusable and ethically sourced and made from recycled materials. 100% of our shop sale is directly donated to the care, nourishment, veterinary treatments and long term medications of our long term residents.
Sponsor an Idlewild resident today
The sanctuary does amazing work to rescue animals in need
Book a stay at Pen Bryn Twrw
Explore Our Catalogue

Explore Our Catalogue

We have a range of sponsorship, animal gifts and more
A safe haven

A safe haven

Many of our residents have been neglected, abandoned or have come from unsuitable homes. They now have a safe haven at the 12 acre Animal Sanctuary in Conwy. With your sponsorships, product purchases and donations, we can continue to give every animal in need a chance.

Delivery & Returns

Our products will be dispatched on the Friday of each week, due to the volunteers priority of the animals care. All our products will be shipped 2nd class with Royal Mail. We do not offer returns.
Fund our future rescues - #1

Fund our future rescues

With your help we can continue to rescue cats and kittens in need